Small Mammals, Reptiles and Exotics







Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals

We are proud to offer a variety of services to a wide range of birds, reptiles and small mammals. We can provide wellness, dental care, imaging, blood testing, and surgery for your "furless" friends. Dr. Kayla Sands will see constricting snakes over 12 feet but we will not see any venomous species.

Non-Traditional Pet Species

All your pets from large to small, we are happy to see them all. We see everything from hamsters, gerbils, and rats up to pot belly pigs. As long as it does not fly we are happy to help you with your pet's veterinary care. 
Have a non-traditional pet? Call us for it's veterinary care.

Rabbit Surgery and Dentistry

Our doctors and staff have extensive training in rabbit anesthetic care. We perform surgical and dental procedures with state of the art equipment and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care to our rabbit patients. In addition to dentistry we provide a wide range of other surgical and routine wellness care for rabbits and many other species.

Clinic Hours

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